Anyone of these people would be glad to speak to you about their experiences 

Tom has been instructing my youngest son for the past 2 years. I am amazed at the progress my son has had. He went from never playing a guitar to being able to play solos from "Whole lotta love" by Zeppelin, "Anastasia" by Slash to name a couple. What has impresses me the most is that Tom insists on proper technique and also teaches the music theory behind it. It is a shame Tom moved away from my area, but my son still takes lessons with him via Skype. I would recommend Tom to instruct any level guitarist.

Mike C.


Tom is a fabulous teacher. I am so thankful my son was able to study under Tom before he left the area. Not only is Tom an incredible musician, but also he runs his business efficiently. Tom is a very special person and instructor. Reliable and inspiring. Grab the chance to take lessons from him!

Julie S.


My 13yo son and I have taken lessons from Tom for the past 4 years. Tom is an excellent guitarist, musician, and teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable about music theory and technique and will teach you just about any style you want to learn. It is a joy just to listen to him play his original acoustic pieces and arrangements. He is a very patient teacher and great with kids.

Bill A.


I've had several guitar teachers of varying skill and knowledge over the years. Tom is by far my favorite I've ever studied with. Deep technical knowledge, great chops as a teacher, and never lets me forget that the whole reason I started playing was to have fun. I learned more (and more to the point, UNDERSTOOD more) in the first year or two studying with Tom than all the years prior. Highly recommended; in point of fact, when he moved away from my area, I continued studying with him via Skype because there's nobody else I want to study with.

Billy F.


Tom transformed me from a mediocre guitarist into a musician. His approach to teaching shows that he more than cares about his students and helps them in more ways than just technical guitar ability. 

The more you put in to music lessons, the more you get out of them. Tom inspired me to put thought and effort into music and ended up teaching me so much. I'm now a student in the University of Miami's jazz program and Tom prepared me for much more than to play guitar in the program and pass out of music theory classes. With his help I developed a solid base of knowledge and skills and most importantly learned how to think about and create music. I now feel confident to be able to adapt to any musical setting and progress. For example, leading a band or a group of musicians in a jam session now seems a fun task rather than a daunting one.

His resume and history of musical and teaching experience is extremely impressive but I actually had no idea about that until over a year or two in to our lessons. He is one of the most humble people I've met in music. There is so much to be learned just by talking to him and hearing his thoughts on music.

There is no one I'd recommend more to teach guitar for anyone, absolute beginner through accomplished guitarist. For an hour each week I could tell the thing that mattered most to him was helping me grow. He's also an amazing guitarist.

Maxwell M.


If you are serious about learning how to play guitar, look no further for an instructor. Tom has played professionally for over 25 years and can play virtually any style on the electric and the acoustic. He is also an expert at transcribing music and songwriting. His lessons emphasize mastering technique and building knowledge of the fretboard, which enhanced my playing ability significantly. Now I find it easy to pick up most songs, write, and improvise. Believe me when I say that you will amaze yourself while under Tom's instruction. He is patient, helpful, and works well with all age groups. No one should rely on the internet alone when they are trying to learn how to play an instrument, so contact Tom and talk to him about what he teaches and what else you might like to learn.

Michael H.


It's hard to imagine a better guitar teacher than Tom. I took lessons and classes from him during my college years. When I started with Tom, I only knew a few chords. I have now been teaching guitar for 10 years and elementary music for 8 years. Tom is down to earth and patient enough to give young and old beginners an enjoyable learning experience, yet he is proficient enough to challenge and improve even the most experienced of players. He seems to have an endless amount of guitar knowledge and does an excellent job at conveying that knowledge to his students.

Justin C.


I am a sixty year young man who took my first guitar lesson fifty years ago and has been in love with the instrument ever since. I have been taking weekly lessons from Tom for almost seven years and can't think of a lesson when I didn't go home excited to practice something new Tom had taught me.

Tom is a phenomenal musician and composer with years of knowledge and the personality traits of patience, compassion and persistence that allow him to be a great teacher. While waiting for my lessons I have watched Tom with both young beginners and college music majors and he consistently helps us all move forward in both guitar technique and music understanding.

If you are even hesitating about starting lessons with Tom, please write me at

Jack T.


Not only is Tom Yoder a class act artist, but he is also an excellent teacher. I had the pleasure of learning from him my freshman year of college. My one regret is that I wasn't able to take more of his classes. He is very personable and fun. I wish there were more teachers like him. Take any chance you get to work with him and learn from him!!! If he was closer to Minnesota I would definately be a lifelong student.

Ebone Nicol M.


If you want to play guitar, Tom Yoder is the best instructor you could wish for. He can teach you any style or anything you desire. He is a rock god & has won many awards for his acoustic work. He took me from zero to being able to play finger style, which I never thought I would be able to do. Like having Micheal Jordan for a basketball instructor. Just do it.

Murrell B.


Very specific in his teaching and takes a very thorough approach to everything music. Taught me how to correct techniques, expand my styles of playing and to write everything down. Is genuinely interested in your musical well being unlike most teachers who are there for the check. Highly recommended!

Ryan J.